Aymen Fares

About Aymen Fares


Experience. Passion. Extraordinary Powers


When you seek a mentor, listen to a speaker or learn from an entrepreneur, you want to know that they have walked in your shoes, that they have truly experienced life – the valleys and peaks, and have thought deeply about the psychology and spirituality of discovering your authentic, best self.

Aymen is that person. Whether as an empowering speaker, hands-on life coach or mentor, his soul purpose is to liberate people by dissolving their ‘blocks’ and illuminating the path to success, peace and happiness.

The Blockbuster

Aymen is one of the most macho, rugged men you will ever meet. But looks can be deceiving.

It’s true, he is a gravel-voiced, towering 1.94cm with a granite-hard 110kg physique into which is a coiled, martial arts exponent and a former boxer – the broken nose a dead give away! Yet beneath this intimidating exterior, Aymen is an empowering speaker, author of best selling The Key to Life, a successful entrepreneur, an international life coach and a sensitive, gentle giant.

His gift is showing people how to get in touch with their softer ‘intuitive’ side and their feelings. He’s able to deftly facilitate the dissolving of emotional ‘blocks’ which control our thoughts and inhibit personal and business freedom, happiness and our potential. He’s a Blockbuster!

Early Days

Aymen’s first real job was as a policeman, or cop. His imposing presence ensured he was persuasive without having to resort to force. A quick learner with a curiosity and thirst for knowledge, his communication and leadership talents led to a role as a Police Academy instructor. His booming voice meant eager cadets hung on every word.

However, after thirteen years in the ‘Force,’ it was time for Aymen to seek greater challenges and widen his experiences. He also realised that his years as a cop had deadened his emotions, a necessary by-product for protection against the day to day exposure to the rough side of life.

The decision to leave the comfort of a permanent, superannuated job, was both daunting and liberating. He embraced the latter.

During his years as a policeman Aymen had ‘side’ projects – a gym, and stints as a ‘don’t argue’ bouncer.

The now former cop had the advantage of a healthy self confidence and a natural intelligence. Learning came easily for him; it stemmed from his early childhood when he and his sisters would sit in the back of his parent’s fashion shop and read – copiously. He thought his speed reading and exceptional retention were skills everybody had.

At school in his teens, like a lot of bright kids, Aymen was under-stimulated by classroom learning. Out of the classroom, on the sporting field, he was a champion. This fit, big athletic son of an Egyptian engineer father and German fashion designer, excelled at any sport. Fitness has been a mainstay all his life.


After the police force, the ‘twins’ of serendipity and synchronicity began to feature, as they have ever since. His intuitive powers heightened and his psychic abilities kicked in. Aymen created a unique marketing and sales feedback system which added value to the real estate industry. He also ventured into the rarefied area of options and share trading, which he found highly profitable yet, isolating (he still trades a few minutes each day).

When an opportunity arose to enter a partnership in building and property development, he read everything he could on the subjects and became very successful – a combination of a Midas touch with turbo learning and a natural instinct.


Throughout his life Aymen has always been able to tap into his intuition. It speaks, he listens and now he shows others how to tap into and feel their intuition. The Big man has also tapped into spirituality and the esoteric arts.

This unlikely combination of successful businessman, a macho presence, heightened intuition and a psychic ability to solve problems, attracts clients to his life coaching service. Once he meets these people – usually successful men and women business people, he quickly discovers their blocks and helps dissolve them. He’s able to offer a clear path to  challenges they have in their life and realise their potential. Skype allows him to have clients throughout the world.

Aymen Fare’s dictum is that Success, peace and happiness comes by understanding the keys to unlocking our inner world.’ He has the key.