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January 27, 2017 at 6:16 pm
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Emotional Balance Is The Solution To Your Problems

Emotional Balance Is The Solution To Your Problems

Have you ever wondered why some things are elusive to you? It’s your emotional balance. Why can’t you get that perfect relationship? What’s stopping your wealth and why do you get stuck in a rut sometimes? You will laugh when you see how easy it is to transcend your current state of “being”. Don’t get me wrong, it takes a little work but it’s not difficult when you know how to do it.

The middle path is the spiritual path. This is a concept that is often misconstrued. Buddha first spoke of it as the middle way. It’s widely interpreted as a path of moderation between extremes. Avoiding extreme points of view and conduct, living a life between earthly desires and extreme self denial. This according to Buddha was the path of wisdom. There’s nothing wrong with that but perhaps this has been misconstrued over the years?

emotional balance

Every concept you have and everything you know has a range and if this range is extended it has extremes. The range of temperature has both hot and cold. This range and it’s opposite extremes can be seen in everything. I often helped people in regard to their success and performance. There is a vast range between poor performance and it’s extreme opposite, magnificent performance.

Emotional Balance

So here is an interesting concept that will help you perform better. Assume in your mind the position of both extremes. “Become” and accept poor performance and then “become” and accept great performance in your chosen field.

The emotional balance point and perhaps what Buddha meant – who am I to question the teachings of Buddha – is the fact that your mind can, when emotion is mastered accept and assume both extremes.

emotional balance

Emotion clouds you and emotion draws things toward you – not necessarily what you think you want either. By holding both points of view you will be able to disassociate or detach from both points of view. This leaves a clear and emotion free path which then enables you to choose your preference. This moves you past the emotional attachment that most people have.

Why Does Emotional Attachment Matter?

Let’s say I am trying hard to not be poor. That means I have an emotional attachment, not a preference to being wealthy. It also means I am resisting being poor otherwise I wouldn’t have an emotional attachment to being wealthy.

What you resist persists – that’s a cliche – but it’s true because you give, what you resist, energy. What you give energy to, becomes your future reality.

This is why you see “violent” peace protesters. Rather than having a preference for peace and therefore taking peaceful action to facilitate this in the world. These protesters have an emotional attachment to peace. This is probably based on an experience they have not processed fully. It makes them resist violence by going to the extreme of peace, which is protesting violently and of course drawing violence and violent situations toward them.

Learn to move into the two opposing views and make peace with each, by feeling each extreme. This can be applied to everything in your life and once you understand the concept it’s a quick process that can be done on the fly.

Not being attached to one view – allows you to have an expanded consciousness and with this comes the acceptance – not just an intellectual understanding of both ends of the spectrum and therefore understand with your being that you are still the same no matter what physical thing happens to you. This will free you from the material world and give you peace. This is also the path of enlightenment.

Help Is Close By

So let’s get to work on your emotional balance, solve this riddle and learn to let go of attachments. Remember that doesn’t mean that you can’t have material things, in fact it will greatly enhance your ability to attract them. Material possessions become a preference if you want them – not an emotional need.

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Aymen Fares is a speaker, consultant and entrepreneur who has helped people all over the world. He is based in Melbourne Australia.

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