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Let's Get Started With USI-Tech & Buying Bitcoin

It doesn’t take much to get started – watch the video’s and follow along

Step 1. Create an account via an exchange. Register your details and link a bank account so that you can transfer your local currency to the exchange. Once this is done you can transfer your currency to Bitcoin.

You can use this website to find a local exchange.

Setup Coinjar & Buy Bitcoin

Setup BTC Markets & Buy Bitcoin

Step 2. Create a USI-Tech account (See the person who introduced you and use their linkall alone then click here) and purchase BTC Packs, become an affiliate and multiply bitcoin

Register - Fast Guide

Setup USI-Tech Account & Purchase BTC Packs

Social Media

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How To Buy BTC Packs

Spectacular Results By Compounding

$40,000 In 140 Days

Back Office Explained

Building A Business

Once you are all setup;

  • USI-Tech account
  • BTC Packs Purchased
  • Affiliate & Link

You can start on building your business by telling others about this exciting opportunity. You can use the information on this business page to help you.