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September 8, 2015 at 7:37 pm
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Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness

I was at the gym throwing some weights around next to a guy who I see most times I’m there. To set the scene, he is covered in tattoos deals with concrete for a living and doesn’t smile at you unless he has seen you lift more than is healthy for your back.

Between sets I was explaining to him that I have an upcoming seminar on “raising your consciousness” He wasn’t impressed and said something like (I took the expletives out) “how does that help anyone in the real world?”

I explained that in the so called “real world” you need to do basic things like have relationships with people, negotiate sales or business and interact with your children. All of this will dramatically improve when you achieve a higher consciousness.

What Is Consciousness?

Consciousness is the basis of all reality. In the real world everything you see, feel and perceive. All of your behaviors and interactions with people, your environment and nature are governed by your consciousness. This creates your reality. Your reality is different to mine and anyone else as we all have differing levels of consciousness.

Raise your consciousness or even shift it sideways and all aspects of your life will change for the better.

Yes it’s a big call but like a mad scientist I experimented on myself first and then let loose on the unsuspecting public who are my clients. It’s a fact. It works. (testimonials to look at are here)

higher consciousness

When you are living at lower levels of consciousness you are closer to relying solely on animal instinct. You can only experience life through your five physical senses. You judge and you evaluate in accordance to what you can see, smell, hear, taste and touch. It also means you are a servant to your emotions and the emotions of other people. You are easily influenced and this can have a massive negative impact on the direction of your life.

What It Means To Have Higher Consciousness

It can be a dramatic shift if you work at it. Raise your consciousness and all of a sudden you can experience life through spiritual discernment, insight and revelation. That means you can see past the physical form of those around you and into their essence and source.

This higher state of consciousness occurs when your internal reference points shift from your ego, mind and body to the “observer” of these three aspects. This is a state of awareness over your physical self and can be cultivated by some simple exercises and through meditation or periods of stillness. You identify with an aspect of self which is beyond merely thinking and feeling.

The result is you learn to master your emotions and all the drama of life just disappears. You become calm and centered even in the face of adversity and you get super duper powers of intuition. Your relationships with people and nature take a turn for the better, the law of attraction becomes easier to traverse and stress fades into the past.

How long you can stay in this state is a matter of practice but you can even extend this into your dream state. It’s impossible to go all the way back to where you started from once your “eyes” have been opened.

How far you take your level of consciousness depends on your commitment. You begin to see that you are a timeless being and your fear of death disappears with the freedom that self knowledge brings. You may start to experience knowledge of past and future events and some clairvoyant activity. You appreciate life and it’s beauty. You may have the ability to heal and like me transform others. You will certainly have more compassion, gratitude and love. Life becomes filled with peace and joy.

Just to throw in a bit of religion for some controversy. This is what the Christian tradition has phrased “to be in the world and not of it” It’s what is meant by Jesus making the blind “see”

What’s Next?

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Authors Details: Aymen Fares is an International Life Coach with clients all over the world. He is based in Melbourne Australia for personal appointments or you can benefit from coaching via Skype anywhere in the world.

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2 thoughts on “Higher Consciousness

  1. Mamta Sehgal says:

    Beautiful article Aymen. All that you have written is true to the core and I am happy to share that I have actually experienced this. Bhagwat Gita, which is the most supreme holy book for Hindus brought in this remarkable change in me.

    There are many people in this world who never experience this beautiful consciousness change in their complete life time but the ones who do are really blessed.

    1. Aymen Fares says:

      Thank you, I’m glad you appreciate the article.

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