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Key To Life Manual Testimonials

Key To Life Manual Testimonials

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I read this book long time ago, (ordered from Australia, hard copy), I could not understand many concepts, then I lost the book and always wanted to re-read it. I got it the moment it was released in Kindle. It is a great read for anyone on the spiritual path, simple and practical. I Love it.

Serenity (amazon review)

Hi Aymen

I must say that I am really enjoying your book. It’s very well written and easy to understand and follow. I am already starting to see some improvements in my life you will be pleased to know. I have totally cleared with my friend about our (xxxxx) project and our friendship has got to a new level as a result.

I am happy at work and seeing new ways that I can make a difference while I work towards my other goals. I received a $10K pay rise which is higher than anything I have received before (have been doing a lot of abundance affirmations).

My partner and I are communicating really well and he has noticed a difference in his life too.

Via Email

… its fantastic. Got a lot of guidance from it. This really hit home for me, and I am going to try some of your suggestions. So already its having a positive effect. Thanks. You’ve already changed my life.

Love Mandy
Via Email

Hi Aymen

I must tell you, I read your book, and I’ve read many a metaphysical book, but your knowledge as expressed by you, made me feel your data is valuable information (MAYBE THE VERY BEST)… You have a way of clarifying that which you’re teaching, making what is extremely difficult (spiritual awareness) understandable, clear to me the student…

Sincerely Darren

I can’t believe that I have been so blind, this is amazing information that’s so easy to put into my life!

Jon Bernaldo

Dear Aymen,

I am writing today to thankyou for what your doing. I feel that what your doing is wonderful and I am sure many people feel the same and that its going to help them with their lives – those who just have the everyday problems and those like me who are following the spiritual path.

With love n’ light, Marion xxxxx ooooo

I didn’t believe it at first. I was pretty stubborn and thought I knew how to handle my life but the part about getting rid of sexual thoughts intrigued me so I went ahead – It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

Alan Marston NY

Just a quick note to say hello and thanks. I discovered I actually spent so much time fantasizing about sex, what a waste of energy. Now I focus on my wife and my business. The result is amazing.

Eric Samuels – Via Email.

Hello Aymen, Great book…

Linda – Via Email

Just a quick note to say hello and thanks. I discovered I actually spent so much time fantasizing about sex, what a waste of energy. Now I focus on my wife and my business. The result is amazing.

Eric Samuels – Via Email.

I just wanted to say thank you I am so happy I found your site and read this book. It’s the best self help book I’ve read!

Love Sara Cross – Via Email

Hi Aymen,

Thank you for this it is like a Ray of Sunshine in the midst of the junk in cyberspace.

Darren – Via Email

Dear Aymen,

I just received and read your book. I just wanted to say thank you for this inspirational material and keep up the good work.

Love Christina.
Via Email

Hi Aymen,

Thank you so much for changing my life…

Love Joanne – Via Email


I’m amazed at how much better I feel in comparison to the past few weeks.. I have managed my thoughts and emotions more effectively for the past few days, guided by the contents of your book.

Erica P – Via email


Greetings Aymen,

I just received the manual a few days ago. I must say I am very impressed! Everything is much clearer now for me and it is so well explained. Thank you for sharing this gift with us.

Blessings Jackie

Your book is very soothing to the soul. I have been on the spiritual path for some time now and it is always so exciting to find powerful knowledge such as yours written in such a simple and easy to soak up manner.

Life would have been so much easier years ago if I had known such wonderful things, but then again….when the student is ready the teacher appears……. thanks for writing such a beautiful book and I am grateful for having read it.


I have purchase the key to life manual a very long time ago from you .. but you know what it is only now i am actually reading it ……  I must admitt that i have owned my personal copy, three to four years now..lol….ce’st la vie. I did run through it briefly before but now I am really into it .

Thank you, I do appreciate it and what it does contain, the key to life is to master oneself. I know this fact for many many years now since the seventies. …we have to seek to find i am a very strong believer in this. I enjoy everything you have to offer. Have a great day. I will be in touch from time to time as i read your GREAT book.


I am currently reading the Key to Life manual, and I just wanted to let you know that I think it is incredible.  I have heard some of the information before, but you were able to put in such a way that it just clicked for me.


Your manual has been a big help, I’ve only read it through it once, now I have to read it again, I feel I have made some huge shifts.

Thanks again


Hi Aymen,

I just wanted you to know that I have read your book – the key to life.  I am a business coach, and I have read several books on personal development but this one is my favorite.  I couldnt agree more in everything you say.  You MUST get this book into book shops.

Have a great day,


It was fantastic.  I think it’s bluntness was amusing.  I liked how you didn’t drag it out with unimportant details or too many examples.  I did notice things like the continual re-enforcement of ideas and how you linked things together, also how you used American and Australian references so you included both audiences.

My favourite section was about Ego.  For me, once I know why I do something it makes it easier to stop.  So once I found out all the things that are my Ego, I see them now and it makes it easier to stop.  I caught myself a couple of times over the weekend in activities saying to myself “I can’t do this, I’m no good, I’m not as experienced etc” and I stopped myself and then 5 minutes later I was having fun and laughing.  It was great to see that in action.


Dear Aymen,

Thank you, I have already purchased the Key to Life Manual. I am almost 3/4 of the way through it. You have taught me to focus on what I want rather than allowing my thoughts to be so random and scattered, it is very well written, clear and easy to understand, even quite funny in parts, so thank you once again.

Warm Regards,


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