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Life Coaching is not a science, it’s an “Art”

Life coaching is one of those hard to define terms. It’s almost become a main stream profession in the same way personal training has crept into society – however not all life coaches are created equal.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m better or worse than any particular coach – I’m just different. In my uniqueness I will be a perfect match as a coach to some of you – you decide.

The purpose of self development is to attain and be comfortable with your inner guidance and find out who you really are. In other words to know yourself. You do this by removing emotional blocks and changing false belief systems that you have created.

Along the way you can solve all the problems you encounter in your life.

That’s a bold claim but its true. I can fix almost any problem you have, no matter who you are. I can show you how to do this. I will partner with you and guide you through a process that will help you unlock you potential. It’s an empowering process that ultimately helps you achieve what you want. You benefit from improved performance and an enhanced quality of life. I become your personal resource and I help you grow both personally and professionally.

The process to to do this gives you what I call “Crystal Clear Clarity” some people know this as the process towards Enlightenment. Don’t let the term enlightenment scare you, its pretty simple really.
Here is an article that explains it.

Here are two articles that explain the process of Life Coaching

What Is A Life Coach?

What Is Life Coaching?

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers

Life Coaching FAQ’s

Here are some examples of problems I can help you with

How to solve the biggest challenges in life

Here is what you will learn

Here is some of what you will learn during a Life Coaching program with Aymen

  • The concept of being “present” or living in the “now” and why it matters
  • How to do this and live this in “real life” as opposed to theory
  • How your thoughts work, how to manipulate them and how to free yourself from their slavery.
  • What are emotions and how to free your self from their control over you.
  • How your conscious and subconscious mind works
  • Belief Systems and how they influence you. How to change them
  • Law of attraction – how to apply it for personal gain
  • How to find your emotional blocks in life
  • How to dissolve your emotional blocks
  • How to attain and use intuition
  • Problem solving for a better life -solve almost any problem fast
  • Connection with a higher power

Intuition or “Special Psychic Powers”

I am an Intuitive Life Coach and a healer. That means I use my intuition and other talents to discern what is creating the pain or problem you are experiencing. Then usually using only words I can heal you.

You would be surprised at the scope of problems that can be solved.

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My Life Coaching works because I have a few hidden talents.

  • The first of these talents is that I am a high level Empath. An Empath is a person with the preternatural (beyond what is normal or natural) ability to perceive and understand the emotional state of another person. It’s someone who feels the emotions of other people.
  • The second is that I am very strong and direct. I don’t beat around the bush and am not afraid of confronting an issue and telling it like it is! I have the ability to pierce your psychological wall. I’m not intimidated and I am not frightened of saying what needs to be said.
  • I am a healer. The coaching process with me is healing – some people heal through their hands – I can heal through my hands but my voice and my words are much more powerful.
  • I am a very experienced Life Coach.
  • I have a lot of knowledge.
  • I have a lot of general life experience.
  • I am intuitive and have a “psychic” streak.
  • I am extremely practical,  “No Nonsense”, “No B.S” and have the ability to get straight to the heart of an issue.

9 unique qualities you will benefit from during your Life Coaching with Aymen

1. I have enormous positive energy that will rub off on you.

2. I have the ability to quickly perceive what your blocks are and I work with you in overcoming them.

3. I will see things about you that you can’t see for yourself and I will tell you the truth about them.

4. I am not afraid to be confrontive and tell it like it is.

5. I am an expert motivator.

6. I am creative and full of new ideas and solutions for you or your business.

7. I ask the right questions. This facilitates your thoughts and action.

8. I am non judgmental and have a deep understanding of your inner being.

9. Integrity – Good Coaching speaks for itself and I stand behind my work.

Topics covered during Life Coaching

Here is some of the vast array of subjects I have covered with people during Life Coaching sessions.

Anxiety / Social Disorders / Depression – Often based on patterns of thought and the emotions around them. There is relief from this.
How to cure social anxiety disorder
How to cure depression

Anger – How to dissipate anger, why you are angry and how to stop being angry over any issue at all.

Being “Present”  –  Teaching you how to be present and showing all the benefits that come with that.

Thoughts  –  Teaching you how your thoughts work, why you think certain things and showing you that you are not attached to them. Showing you the way you think and the way it influences your future. How to discover what you are thinking and how to change and influence future thought.

Emotions  –  How they are created by your thoughts and the way the exert influence over you – and control you. Freedom from the influence of emotion without blocking your feelings. Freedom from desire so that you have preferences not emotional drivers.

Forgiveness – How and why forgiving helps you  – not the other person. Why you don’t want to forgive and how to forgive.

Belief Systems – Breaking through limiting beliefs. Showing you why you believe certain things and how to change those beliefs.

Enlightenment – Creating space to allow the light of the higher power in. Increasing your consciousness. This is the goal of all personal development.
Enlightenment Part 1 of 4

Law Of Attraction – How it really works – what the “Secret” doesn’t tell you. How to apply it and avoid common mistakes.

Romantic Relationships – How to get one, how to keep one and how to save one. Meeting your soul mate. I can help you find the perfect partner.

Parenting Issues  –  Improving relationships with your children

Relationships (other than romantic) –  How to have great relationships. How to deal with and interact with others. How to smooth relationships either personal or business.

Sex – Including sexual problems or dis-function in men, women and relationships. Healing sexual relationships. Heightening sexual relationships and heightened states of “being” through sex.

Sexuality – Issues of sexuality like being gay or bisexual. Sexual fantasy – dealing with/acceptance of the same. Sexual freedom, inhibition and shame.

Conflict Resolution – How to deal with people, create win – win situations or just untangle yourself from a bad situation. How to stop arguing.

Life Direction – Getting “clear” and onto the right path. Finding your direction. Changing careers. Divorce and separation.

Personal Power – All about your life force, boundaries and your behaviour.

Boundaries – How to maintain your personal boundaries. Breaking of personal boundaries and taboos.

Business Issues – What’s holding your business back. You might be surprised at what fresh eyes can see.

Fear – Eliminating and pushing through fear.

Healing Past Hurts  –  Removing the pain of whats happened in the past. Releasing trauma and forgiving

Attitude – Changing your attitude to life from negative to positive – in order to invoke the law of attraction in a positive way.

Self Esteem  –  Fixing it and lifting it. Discovering why its down and lifting it fast. Giving you the tools to make sure it never drops again.

Trading – Trading shares, currencies and derivatives. Why you are not making money, how to make more money and to stop the impact of emotion.

Weight Loss  –  How to lose weight, why you are not losing weight and everything associated with diets, eating, health and exercise.

“Male Issues” – How to be a man, embracing masculinity. How to feel instead of either blocking emotion or succumbing to it.
How To Be A Man

Intuition – One of my favourite topics. How to develop intuition and enhance decision making and taking action. This is especially useful for business people, executives, sales people and speculators.

Addictions – Are you addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, food, sex or hard drugs. It’s the mental and emotional addiction that captures you. Addictions are the result of running from and /or blocking feelings. I can help you conquer this.


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About Aymen Fares
About Aymen Fares

When you seek a mentor, listen to a speaker or learn from an entrepreneur, you want to know that they have walked in your shoes, that they have truly experienced life – the valleys and peaks, and have thought deeply about the psychology and spirituality of discovering your authentic, best self. Read More

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