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What is Life Coaching?

The purpose of self development is to attain and be comfortable with your inner guidance and find out who you really are. In other words to know yourself. You do this by removing emotional blocks and changing false belief systems that you have created.

Along the way you can solve all the problems you encounter in your life.

I can show you how to do this. I will partner with you and guide you through a process that will help you unlock you potential. It’s an empowering process that ultimately helps you achieve what you want. You benefit from improved performance and an enhanced quality of life. I become your personal resource and I help you grow both personally and professionally.

The process to to do this gives you what I call “Crystal Clear Clarity” some people know this as the process towards Enlightenment. Don’t let the term enlightenment scare you, its pretty simple really.
Here is an article that explains it.

Here are two articles that explain the process of Life Coaching

What Is A Life Coach?

What Is Life Coaching?

There is more information here on the main Life Coaching page

What are some things I can work on in regard to Life Coaching?

My recommendation is to work on your own personal development, everything else comes from this. In other words you will automatically start attaining goals when your inner state improves. Rather than working superficially on achievement, by releasing emotional blocks and learning a few other techniques your outside world will dramatically improve as your inner world does.

You can do this by targeting a specific problem you have – usually the one that comes to mind first. This process will automatically move to solving other problems.

Some people are more interested in a particular topic. We can work on that.

Some people don’t know where to start – they just know something is wrong – I will help you make a start in this case.

Most importantly many people have problems they don’t want to share because they are embarrassed or ashamed. I can show you techniques to solve these problems without you revealing them to me.

What actually happens during the Life Coaching Process?

You and I simply sit down and talk on a regular basis. I have the ability through years of experience and an intuitive “gift” to help you to –

1. Discover what you want.

2. Learn what it is that is stopping you getting what you want.

3. Show you how to remove your blocks and problems.

4. Teach you how to connect with your higher self / Intuition.

5. Create Action and take the steps required to get your goals.

6. Teach you the tools so that you can continue without me.

What’s the difference between you and another Life Coach?

The main difference is how I help you achieve your potential. I focus on your personal development in order for you accomplish most things.

I teach you to be mindful of what you are thinking and feeling. I show you how to work on eliminating your uncontrolled ego. This is a skill you keep forever. Mastery of this means mastery over life.

I show you how to remove your emotional blocks and I show you techniques that will enable you to solve any problem you encounter.

During our conversations I focus closely on you and help to bring your awareness to what you are doing and thinking. I do this intuitively.

Some people think I am psychic. I am certainly unique.

Here are some testimonials

Who needs Coaching?

Almost everyone can benefit from coaching. Life Coaching is of enormous benefit. It accelerates your growth rapidly rather than allowing you to wander through life experiencing random trials, errors and repetitive dead ends. This aimless wandering is a waste of precious time and I can help you find your true path very quickly.

I have coached a variety of people of different ages, lifestyles and occupations ranging from students to top level senior executives. Artists, entrepreneurs and foreign exchange traders to accountants and engineers.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No you don’t have to sign anything. You are free to stop at anytime. I ask that you initially make a one month commitment so that you gain the maximum benefit.

How long does it take?

That’s hard to answer because so much depends on you and what you are trying to achieve. Generally speaking you need to make a commitment with yourself to continue for 2 – 3 months.

Somethings can be solved in one session. I have a client who was having a particular and difficult problem with the staff in her business. After three sessions she understood how to permanently solve her problem.

Personal development usually takes longer.  There months will give you a fantastic base that will enable you to continue alone. You will have the techniques that you can use for the rest of your life.

Many people love what they are learning and can afford to continue for longer.  I have a client who has 2 x one hour sessions per week and has been doing so for 3 years. This is a business client who is also very focused on his own personal development. Meaningful life changes take time.

I have two clients who have been with me continuously for ten years.

As long as you are receiving what you consider value from coaching, continue. You can stop at anytime.

What’s the difference between Business Coaching and Life Coaching?

Business Coaching focuses on your business. Life Coaching is focused on all of your life but the starting focus is your personal development.

95% of my customers that own a business combine the two. The line of distinction is often blurred. The greater your personal development the higher your business potential.

I don’t want anyone to know that I am accepting help.

That’s fine. I have some clients that feel this way and are very coy when it comes to admitting they are receiving help. If you wish it to remain a secret that is acceptable.

Please be aware having a coach does not mean you are not responsible for your own success. Successful athletes are an example of this. The athlete does all the work and when it comes time to perform, they receive all the glory.

Note: All sessions are strictly confidential.

Why are there so many different definitions of Life Coaching?

No two definitions are the same because coaching is a doing word. Coaching is different for every client. You choose the agenda. There is a huge difference in the people doing the coaching, the experience they have and the techniques they use.

Can I pay for my staff to be coached and is this a good idea?

Yes, everyone can benefit from being coached.

I suggest that you ask them if they are interested rather than push coaching upon them. A great way of testing their commitment and motivation is to have them pay for some of your investment. This can be anything from the full price to a token amount and depends entirely on what their role is and how much they can afford.

Can I be coached long distance?

Yes. I work with people via Skype all over the world. You can be anywhere in the world and I can help you.

How long is one Life Coaching session?

Generally a Life Coaching session lasts 50 – 60 minutes. They can go longer depending on the subject matter and individual requirements.

How much does a Life Coaching session cost?

Please contact me in regard to this.
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How often are Life Coaching sessions conducted?

It depends on you – your budget, your intensity level, what we are working on and how much you have already accomplished.

I would like you to start with one session weekly for at least the first four sessions.

I have clients that like fortnightly sessions and I have others who like monthly sessions. This is best worked out after the initial period of life coaching.

Your available appointment times are not compatible with mine. What can we do?

Unfortunately I only have limited time available. I already have clients booked and I have other business interests. You can wait till a spot becomes available or you can free up your own time to fit in with me.

You have a free e-book “Unlock Your Personal Power” – Where can I get that?

If you subscribe to our list – the subscription box can be found on most pages of this web site – a link will automatically be sent to you.

You have authored a personal development book – Where can I find it?

The key to life manual can be found here

Where can you be contacted?

Contact page

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About Aymen Fares

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