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February 9, 2017 at 10:42 am
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This Is Ridiculous – Why I Teach Speed To Enlightenment

This Is Ridiculous – Why I Teach Speed To Enlightenment

This Is Why I Teach Speed To Enlightenment

You can rid your self of emotional pain and the world can be free of poverty, anger and violence easily.

It just takes some understanding. Emotions which are often confused with feelings and are not the same – make you do things that you may not normally do.

Here is a recent real life example.

I posted my video to the face book group – “Health Well-Being & Spirituality” (Melbourne and Country to Coast, Victoria)

Jemimah (who I believe is a spiritual teacher) made the comment “This is ridiculous”

Looking at her explanation of why it’s ridiculous — I can see that she did not actually watch the video.

What probably happened was – she started to watch the video and something I said, triggered a program, script or belief  inside her, creating emotion. This emotion did two things;

  1. It prevented her from taking in the rest of the message in the video
  2. It created a state inside her that made her go to the effort to post the public comment “this is ridiculous”

this is ridiculous
The only way that the world will change is if we can remove this emotion.

It’s emotion that allows anger and violence to dominate the world. I am not suggesting that the interaction below is in any way violent – but it’s a small example of how easily someone can become emotional – especially when the subject is money.

The day before this I sent out an email to a men’s group I run, with a link to the workshop. A guy called Jay who I never met replied with “Don’t try and sell me shit, F__k off.”

That’s a lot of emotion!

Back to the original incident – This is the video if you haven’t seen it and my reply is below…

 Jemimah Rogers: This is ridiculous.
Aymen Fares: You could go a little further and say why?
Jemimah Rogers: because money is NOT spiritual. It’s the exact opposite of what spirituality teaches. Success does NOT equal money. When you pass and reflect back on your life, money doesn’t play a role in that. What YOU did as a person does. I just don’t understand how this can be claimed as spiritual. Money doesn’t have energy. People are only meant to earn as much as predestined in this life. Going out there to ensure you earn lots of money will also ensure you’re off purpose. Bit rich to say you’ll achieve the “perfect life” doing this too. As if there’s a such thing.

Aymen Fares:
Thanks for your detailed reply…

1. Money IS energy – the most misunderstood form of energy on the planet – hence so much poverty.

2. I have never in my life claimed that money is spiritual – certainly not in this video. It’s just a form of energy neither good nor bad.

3. Success is progressing and being successful at whatever you choose to do. I doesn’t have to be linked to money – but it can be. Often when you are good at something you receive more energy … money.

4. Wealth – the way I teach it is about being wealthy in terms of health, relationships, freedom or time, and many more things EVEN money – it’s up to you.

5. When you reflect back on your life you have the choice to be happy with whatever you choose – all people are different and can be happy and fulfilled doing what they choose.

6. You are correct – You wouldn’t think that reflecting on hoarding millions of dollars at the end of your life is satisfying. HOWEVER think about this… who can do more good in the world. The poor person who donates his last $5 to the animal shelter or the rich person who runs a factory producing widgets and donates millions of dollars – perhaps opens a few new animal shelters – employees 50 people so they can feed their families – I can go on all day…

7. My teaching is NOT about chasing money. You are correct this will lead you off purpose.

8. I teach that if you look inside and find your authentic self – your core purpose – success will follow.

9. Money or energy always follows number 3.

10. When reading point 7, remember some industries create more money than others. When I was an average property developer I could generate more money than the best school teachers in the country – it’s not right or wrong – it’s just a result of what I provided and the value that society places on shelter over education of our children.

11. Your point in regard to …”People are only meant to earn as much as predestined in this life.” is tragic and one of the reasons that the world suffers poverty.

We have all been subjected to other people’s strong influences and incorrect teachings that keep you down in regard to money. This is done to control you.

12. You have the ability and the in built tools to change whatever it is that you want in your life – so you can achieve a perfect life and it’s reasonably easy.

13. In regard to “a perfect life” when you say “it’s a bit rich” that alone shows that you are using the term “rich” in a negative way. In built beliefs about money keep people poor in terms of money.

14. Let me explain how a human being works…

Input in the form of energy (you watch a video) comes in.

You have a feeling in your body as a result of that (many people can’t access this feeling correctly)

The feeling creates thoughts. When you can’t process the thoughts there is an accumulation of energy which leads to emotion. When you react (put up a public comment “that’s ridiculous”) this is the outpouring of that emotion.

15. Emotion blinds you – you might watch a video and only see what your filter allows.

16. My teachings involve learning how to remove that emotion and be guided by feelings.

If we all get together and teach this – the world will not be a violent place anymore. Violence is the outpouring of emotion from thought that is unprocessed – energy builds and the outpouring of it is in the form of violence.

17. As a token of my sincerity – please accept a V.I.P. pass (no charge to you) to my event. You will learn a lot. Just PM me.

Jemimah Rogers: Appreciate the effort of your detailed reply. I spend my life dedicated to my spiritual development. Our values and beliefs do not match, so thank you kindly for the opportunity to attend your event, but I shall pass.
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