Aymen Fares

Aymen Fares – Speaker, Consultant & Entrepreneur

The Speaker

“As a speaker, Aymen’s powerful presence fills any room.

He captivates audiences with lessons from his diverse life experience, business success and unique insights into life. These provide a wonderful platform to create change for sustained personal and business growth, happiness and peace.”

Whether he’s speaking to business leaders, entrepreneurs, men’s groups, students or simply people who are on a quest to find meaning in their lives, Aymen inspires people to explore their inner world, discover and liberate their ‘blocks’, harmonise their body and mind and spirit and potentiate their life.

The Entrepreneur & Consultant

Aymen has enjoyed success across a range of businesses. He currently owns a property development and building company in Melbourne, Australia and is regularly sought for his advice on business matters.

Aymen has the rare gift of ‘knowing’ what his clients need to progress their life. His almost “psychic” abilities appeared at an early age. They have served him well throughout his life and allow him to cut through, laser-like, the need for endless meetings and consulting sessions. Aymen is always present when he’s with people and is open to the ‘energetic forces’ which are unseen to most people. The end result is more happiness, success and inner peace for is clients, wherever they are around the world.

About Aymen Fares
About Aymen Fares

When you seek a mentor, listen to a speaker or learn from an entrepreneur, you want to know that they have walked in your shoes, that they have truly experienced life – the valleys and peaks, and have thought deeply about the psychology and spirituality of discovering your authentic, best self. Read More

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