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This Is Ridiculous – Why I Teach Speed To Enlightenment

This Is Why I Teach Speed To Enlightenment You can rid your self of emotional pain and the world can be free of poverty, anger and violence easily. It just takes some understanding. Emotions which are often confused with feelings and are not the same – make you do things that you may not normally […]

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Seven Steps To Raise Your Consciousness

Seven Steps To Raise Your Consciousness

I was watching the TBL Families on television the other night and was amazed at the physical effect – weight gain – that unconscious action and habit can have on people. I usually deal with belief systems, thoughts, emotion and other intangibles. When a client comes to me and I want to see the result […]

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Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness

I was at the gym throwing some weights around next to a guy who I see most times I’m there. To set the scene, he is covered in tattoos deals with concrete for a living and doesn’t smile at you unless he has seen you lift more than is healthy for your back. Between sets […]

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About Aymen Fares
About Aymen Fares

When you seek a mentor, listen to a speaker or learn from an entrepreneur, you want to know that they have walked in your shoes, that they have truly experienced life – the valleys and peaks, and have thought deeply about the psychology and spirituality of discovering your authentic, best self. Read More

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