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What Does Wealth Mean To You?

Wealth can mean many things to different people – time, health, peace of mind and of course lets not forget money. In my personal development journey I have helped myself and thousands of people acquire wealth. Traditionally I have shown the way by facilitating change to your internal world.

This allows you to experience wealth and is an important step for many people because most people have psychological limits to the amount of wealth they are able to receive. Your limit is found very quickly when you are dealing with money because we can so easily measure and count it. Wealth in all facets is related to your level of deserving and self esteem. We all have a “money ceiling” which you can exceeded with skill and energy or work. Your ceiling however acts like an elastic and pulls you back to where you “think you belong”

Many of my students have worked hard to remove this money ceiling but they don’t have a vehicle to build financial wealth. Wealth is most often built in three ways to wealth are property, share market investing / trading and business. The costs and skill levels required exclude many people from these methods of wealth building.


At the moment the world is offering you an opportunity to build wealth through Cryptocurrencies – in particular Bitcoin. (Learn about Bitcoin on this page)