Aymen Fares
August 22, 2017 at 4:54 pm
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The World Is Your Reflection

The World Is Your Reflection

They Didn’t Like What I said…

I was teaching,  that the world is your reflection. I was heavily criticized the other day during my half day training. We had a full house last Saturday and so many people learnt so much and then BANG.

I was just giving away a real gem of a tip, talking about how you can use your reflection to enhance your personal development. I said, that when you have the need to fix someone else, to help them with their life – with their problems – with their emotional agony – that’s a signal for you to look inside and work on yourself.

Now remember – I said “need” and need is emotional. Emotion is what we are required to remove from our bodies. This doesn’t mean you can’t fix others and it certainly doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. Although if you were at my training, I revealed a seriously big reason, when and why you shouldn’t – but that’s not applicable to everyone.

Your Reflection

Trouble Trouble – Too Many Life Coaches

I went on to explain that this is why there are too many Life Coaches at the moment. (in Melbourne anyway) People are learning more and more about themselves nowadays which is a great thing for the world…

BUT of course, often what happens is that you learn something and have a breakthrough. Instead of focusing inward and going further, finding out more, getting through a few more layers of your personality  – you focus outward on other people.

This is great for the other people but my point is you need to first and foremost work on yourself. If you don’y your own progress is stalled.

The Gold Rush

How do i know there are too many coaches at the moment? Have you heard this line before?

“Who makes money in the gold rush? The man selling the shovels.”

Well the shovel sellers have arrived set up shop and they are selling shovels to anyone that will take one.

It’s not a big deal the world certainly needs help., however I upset a few people in the audience by talking about this. They were in the business of helping others and they took my comments to heart – they were triggered BIG time – they got defensive, argumentative and  one even attacked.


I felt sorry for them because they couldn’t see what I was teaching on the day – that is triggers are symptoms of buried emotional charges. Symptoms of your past negative experiences and they are holding you back.

They blind you from the world around you and you miss key opportunities, relationships, contacts and great deals.

You repel good things from you under the grip of this emotional charge.

If you would like to find out more about this, my next event is listed below.

Authors Details: 

Aymen Fares is a speaker, consultant and entrepreneur who has helped people all over the world. He is based in Melbourne Australia.

Aymen teaches;

The 5 Steps To Spiritual Enlightenment

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4 thoughts on “The World Is Your Reflection

  1. Hi Aymen,

    I just read your post with my morning cup of tea and I felt like reaching out to you.

    My work is similar to yours, I am a Personal Transformation Consultant and a non-duality teacher. My work is focussed primarily on the Ego and on getting people to wake up from their unconscious sleep and become aware of the Spiritual work they came here to do.

    It seems that you pushed a few Ego buttons in your teaching that day, which is a good thing in my opinion as it may have stirred them up enough to look inwardly maybe just a little, even though they didn’t show it at the time. We can never know the full effect of what we teach on people, but I find that the results of our work rest with God, our higher self, etc and not with us. We do our best and leave the rest to the Universe to sort out.

    As one helper to another, may I respectfully caution you about the use of the word ‘should’, as this word makes us guilty of something we did or didn’t do. I eliminated this word from my vocabulary many years ago, upon realising how much pressure it put on me to perform a certain way, and usually to the standards of another person.

    Keep up the good work. Don’t let unconscious people get under your skin.


    P.s my website is currently down, someone hacked it and I had lost many years of work, so I am in the process of rebuilding it…should be up again soon I hope – guess I must have pushed some Ego buttons along the way too. 🙂

    1. Aymen Fares says:

      Hi Julie, thanks for the comment. Always great to hear from someone who is raising the consciousness of others. I know all about the word “should” but I missed where I used the word – you mean the word “shouldn’t” ? No one is getting under my skin – I think it’s a good thing that happened and hopefully the others in the room learnt from it.

  2. Aage says:

    Hi Aymen.

    Even if I THINK .. I understand, what you were TRYING to say – I see something
    unfortunate, here.

    Maybe you should have chosen a different “language”, when you presented your case.

    I can understand that people reacts, when they shall use – the wish to help others,
    as a sign .. to that they need help themselves.

    The way I obtain it – is, that: When we help others sincerely, then we many times,
    would think – how valuable sincere help, would have been .. for us – in certain
    situations of our life.
    Very often: The help vi give to others – is .. To help ourselves to get rid of

    1. Aymen Fares says:

      Hi Aage, thanks for the comment. What you are saying is correct why people react. I think you have missed the mark a little on my message. I am saying 3 things…
      1. When you are emotional it’s a sign to look inward – emotion creates an unconscious drive to act.
      2. Looking inward doesn’t prevent you from helping the other person
      3. Often people help others to the detriment of their own advancement

      Does that make more sense?

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